Transformer Capacity and Load Tester

Transformer Capacity and Load Tester

Type: ZC-202B
    ZC-202B Transformer Capacity and Load Tester is specializing in basic electricity, power users adverse tax evasion problems and developed a new instrument to increase design.
    High precision instrument for measuring characteristic parameters of transformer capacity, no-load and load. The instrument is a multi-function measuring instrument, which is equivalent to the usual two kinds of test instruments: the transformer capacity tester + transformer characteristic parameter tester. The utility model can precisely measure a series of power frequency parameters of a plurality of transformers, such as the capacity, the type, the no-load current, the no-load loss, the short circuit (load) loss and the impedance voltage.
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Product Features
    1. The utility model can accurately measure the capacity of various distribution transformers, and is convenient and accurate.
    2. It can measure the no-load current, no-load loss, short circuit voltage and short circuit (load) loss of the transformer.
    3. The instrument automatically switches the range, allowing the measurement of voltage, current range wide, simple wiring.
    4. Do three-phase transformer no-load, load test, the instrument can automatically determine whether the wiring is correct, and display the three-phase voltage, current vector.
    5. One can measure the load experiment under 1000KVA distribution transformer at full current; measuring the load test in 1/3 rated current can be completed under 3150KVA distribution transformers (in the 1/3 of the rated current under the instrument can be converted to the load loss parameters under the rated current).
    6. All test results are automatically corrected. The instrument can carry out many kinds of correction, such as waveform correction, temperature correction, non rated voltage correction, non rated current correction and so on.
    7. LCD 20 * 240 large screen, high brightness display, full menu and prompt operation English characters to realize man-machine dialogue, touch button makes the operation more convenient, wide temperature LCD with brightness adjustment, can adapt to the winter and summer season.
    8. The instrument can be preset by the user 40 sets of sample parameters, and these parameters can be deleted at any time as required, and the use is very convenient.
    9. With real-time electronic clock, automatically record the date and time of the experiment, which is conducive to the preservation and management of the experimental results.
    10. Panel type thermal printer, can quickly print the results of the field test.
    11. Data (test set, measurement results, test time, etc.) with the power down storage and browsing capabilities, you can store 500 sets of experimental results, and the computer can send data online.
    12. Allow external voltage transformer and current transformer to expand the range measurement, can measure any parameters of the subject matter.
Type ZC-202B
Function Transformer capacity, no-load current, no-load loss, short circuit voltage, short circuit (load) loss measurement.
Working power Input voltage 185Vac~250Vac
Allowable input voltage 85Vac~264Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Allowable frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Input power 40VA
Joint Standard AC socket 60320
AC voltage Range 10~650V
Resolving power 0.001V
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001V
AC Current Range 0.5~60A
Resolving power 0.001A
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001A
Frequency Range 45Hz~65Hz
Resolving power 0.001Hz
Accuracy 0.2%±0.001Hz
Power Range 0~39kW
Resolving power 0.001kW
Accuracy <±0.5%(CosΦ>0.1),±1.0%(0.02<CosΦ<0.1)
Capacity test range 10kV Dry type transformer 30kVA~3150kVA
10kV Oil immersed transformer 30kVA~3150kVA
35kV Oil immersed transformer 50kVA~31500kVA
20kV Dry type transformer 50kVA~2500kVA
35kV Dry type transformer 50kVA~2000kVA
Environment condition Operating temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -25℃~+70℃
Humidity relative humidity:5%~95%,No dewing
Physical characteristics Size 400mm×300mm×220mm
Weight ≈8kg (Excluding attachments)
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