Transformer On-load tap-changer tester

Transformer On-load tap-changer tester

Type: ZC-220
     ZC-220 Transformer On-load tap-changer tester applies to measure and analyze loading tap switch property index of power transformer and special transformer. It is controlled by computer; using special loops to test the transition time, transiting wave, transition resistance, and three-phase synchronism of tap switch, etc.
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Product Features
    1. The vertical chassis structure of this transformer tester is light in weight and easy to carry.
    2. This transformer tester has built-in embedded PC-104 industrial computer, which is fast and has large storage capacity.
    3. Built-in precision constant current source with perfect and reliable protection circuit
    4. 6-channel high-speed synchronous data sampling
    5. 5.7-inch wide-temperature LCD with backlight, clear display under sunlight
    6. Graphic and text display results
    7. T9 input method, can input numbers, letters, Chinese characters and various symbols
    8. The transformer tester has a storage capacity of 1G and can store tens of thousands of test data.

The output current ≥1A, 3 channels
Data sampling Sampling channel: 6 channels
Sampling frequency: 10kHz/s
Measuring range Transition resistance: 0.5 Ω ~ 20 Ω
Transition time: ≤250ms
resolution  Resistance: 0.01 Ω
Time: 0.1 ms
Accuracy of measurement Transition resistance: ±(5%+3 words)
Transition time: ±(0.1%+1 word)
storage Usb flash drive storage, 1G local storage
Overall dimensions 350mm×230mm×200mm
weight 5kg

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