Secondary Step-down & Load Tester

Secondary Step-down & Load Tester

Type: ZC-105C
       The CT Analyzer is suitable for testing comprehensive error and voltage transformer, electric meter, electric energy metering error value of secondary lead, comprehensive error of electric energy measurement is the key problem in electrical equipment testing, it is composed of integrated error of current or voltage transformers, meters and secondary loop voltage drop errors, including the last error.
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Product Features
    1. Can realize three phase three wire, three phase four wire and single test.
    2. Use industrial plastic case, strong and durable, ensure the safety of the test personnel and system.
    3. Can auto shift the measurement range , ensure the accuracy.
    4. Electronic circuit combined with DSP technique, good stability and strong anti-interface ability.
    5. Auto calculate all the parameters refer to load after finished the test, convenient customers to analyze and test.
    6. With LCD, menu operation, the test results can be stored after power off, can transmit the data connect with computer.
    7. Use high capacity 7.2V11Ah lithium battery as power supply, no effect to loop, prevent the protection of the system. It also can be used if there was not power supply source on site.
    8. Use clamp ammeter to sample current in the secondary load test, need not disconnect the secondary circuit. Realize online test without power off.
    9. Working time up to 24 hours (longest), can test under charged state.
    10. With deft charger, convenient to measure, can connect with external charger to test if low power.
    11. Small in volume , light in weight.
    12. Wide secondary current / voltage measurement range. Can analyze the resistance and impedance of 1mΩ, test the online actual load of S degree CT (secondary rated current is 5A) when the working current is 50Ma. Can analyze the conductance and susceptance of 0.001mS when the working voltage is 5V. 13. Can store 480 groups test results, can save for 10 years after power off.
    13. With LCD and RS232 communication interface.
econdary Voltage Drop Measurement range: ratio: 0.001%~19.99%
Angle difference 0.01'~599'
Resolution:ratio 0.001%
Angle difference 0.01'
Intrinsic error 1%
PT Secondary Load Admittance measurement range: 0.01ms~50.0ms
Accuracy 1%
CT Secondary Load: Impedance measurement range 0.1Ω~50.0Ω
Accuracy 1%

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