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The working principle and function of a DC high-voltage generator

:2024-04-23 13:37:30:

The working principle and function of the DC high-voltage generator are as follows:

Working principle:

The DC high-voltage generator mainly utilizes the principle of electromagnetic oscillation to generate high-frequency pulsating DC electricity. Its core components include high-frequency signal sources (usually silicon rectifier devices), excitation transformers, and filtering circuits. When the sine wave of power frequency (such as 50Hz or 60Hz) is converted into medium frequency (300-600Hz) or other required frequencies through methods such as frequency doubling, division, or closing control, these frequency signals pass through the input terminal of the high-frequency transformer. After receiving these medium and high frequency voltage signals, the high-frequency transformer is processed by a voltage doubling rectifier circuit (including rectifier silicon stacks and capacitors) to finally output DC high voltage.

In addition, the working principle of some DC high-voltage generators may involve electron beam bombardment of metal targets, converting the energy generated by electron metal collisions into high-voltage DC electricity. The specific steps include electron emission (emitting electrons from the metal cathode through heating or lighting) and electron acceleration (accelerating the emitted electrons to high speed, which can be achieved through the force of an electric or magnetic field).


The DC high-voltage generator is mainly used to detect the electrical insulation strength and leakage current of power devices. It is an instrument used for conducting DC high-voltage tests on equipment such as zinc oxide lightning arresters, magnetic blowing lightning arresters, power cables, generators, transformers, and switches. By providing a stable and adjustable DC high-voltage power supply, it is possible to simulate actual working conditions and test the performance and insulation condition of equipment under high voltage.

In addition, the DC high-voltage generator also has the characteristics of large adjustment range, high accuracy, strong reliability, and easy operation. Its adjustment range can reach the maximum adjustment range of each machine, with accuracy meeting various testing requirements, high reliability, and ensuring stable operation in various working environments. At the same time, simple operation makes it easy for users to master the operating methods and improve work efficiency.

In summary, DC high-voltage generators have a wide range of applications in fields such as power, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, petroleum, railway, industrial automation, etc. They can meet the high-voltage power generation needs of different industries, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure the safety and reliability of work.


The ZC-540A DC high-voltage generator is mainly suitable for conducting DC withstand voltage tests on high-voltage electrical equipment such as zinc oxide lightning arresters, magnetic blowing lightning arresters, power cables, generators, transformers, switches, etc. in the power sector, power departments of factories and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, railways, chemical industries, power plants, etc. The instrument adopts an intermediate frequency voltage doubling circuit and PWM intermediate frequency pulse width modulation technology, which greatly improves voltage stability. According to electromagnetic compatibility theory, special shielding, isolation, and grounding measures are adopted to discharge the DC high-voltage generator at rated voltage without damaging the instrument.

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