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Nowadays, our products have been widely used in State Grid Corporation, South Grid Corporation, power generation enterprises, construction units, power equipment manufacturing enterprises, etc., and are sold overseas with the “One Belt, One Road” step.


The scientific and technological projects such as the TPY transformer on-site dehumidification device and the CT steady state and transient error analysis system based on CT transient characteristics passed the acceptance of the State Grid Corporation. In May of the same year, they began to participate in the Guodian Investment Group. The liquid flow battery project, our company serves as the intelligent management system for the battery.


The company cooperated with Zhejiang University South China Institute of Industrial Technology in the field of smart grid power quality and intelligent detection, and launched ZC-620 electric energy meter field calibrator, ZC-602 low voltage anti-theft detector, ZC-650 intelligent substation wireless vector Intelligent detection equipment such as analyzers, for the detection center, equipment manufacturers to introduce a flexible detection system for intelligent cloud synchronization, realizing the unsupervised automatic synchronization of test data, intelligent judgment and other functions, greatly saving data summarization, report consolidation and other manpower Work and improve the accuracy and liquidity of the data.


1.The PT excitation characteristic tester jointly developed by the company and the China Electric Power Research Institute passed the acceptance test and was applied as a standard equipment in the inspection center. In the same year, the PTA-2000C capacitive voltage transformer analyzer was introduced to fill the scene for CVT and PT calibration. The domestic blank has gained advanced levels at home and abroad.
2.The company introduced the on-site calibration solution for transformers, the ZCHG-12 transformer field calibration table, which was unanimously favored by transformer manufacturers. VT/CVT Analyzer 


1.The company successfully passed the ISO international quality system certification. In October of the same year, it obtained the high-tech enterprise certificate. In the same year, the project of “Transformer Winding Deformation Online Analysis Device” successfully passed the acceptance of State Grid Corporation.
2.The professional equipment for power cable fault point finding - ZC-700B cable fault tester, ZC-701 cable identifier is successfully developed and listed and exported to Vietnam, India and other countries. Cable Fault Detector


1.With the expansion of the company's scale and the need for business growth, the company moved to its own factory in the Zanglong Island Development Zone; in the same year, it undertook the acceptance of the CT Error Test System under DC Bias of the China Electric Power Research Institute.
2.The ZCAR-802 and ZCAR-1600 relay protection testers developed on the basis of the ZCAR-702 relay protection tester were introduced. Microcomputer Protective Relay Tester


1.The ZC-300 series high-voltage switch characteristic tester, ZC-302 loop resistance tester and ZCAR-702 relay protection tester developed by the company for high-voltage circuit breakers and relay protection devices have been successfully listed and put into the domestic market. .
2.The company has obtained a number of intellectual property certificates such as patents and software copyrights. Circuit Breaker Analyzer


1.The company introduced the CTP-1000 series variable frequency transformer tester. Compared with the traditional ZC-102F transformer volt-ampere characteristic tester, the device greatly reduces the working strength of the transformer test and calibration and improves the work efficiency.
2.In the same year, the company's ZCVF series series resonant withstand voltage test device, which has been researched and developed for many years, came out and successfully exported to Southeast Asia market, winning customers' praise. Resonant Test System For Substation Electrical Equipm


1.The company launched on-site testing equipment for transformers - ZC-120A voltage transformer field calibrator, ZC-110 current transformer field calibrator, this series of equipment is stable, reliable, light and easy to use, greatly improving the efficiency of on-site electrical testing.
2.The company introduced the transformer-related ZC-206A transformer winding deformation tester and ZC-220 transformer on-load tap-changer tester, which greatly enriched the company's transformer testing equipment product line. Transformer On-load tap-changer tester


1.The company introduced the fully automatic integrated test station solution for transformers - ZC-200 series transformer comprehensive test bench. This series of products has been widely praised by transformer manufacturers, and the market share has reached more than 60%, which is the overall detection level of China's transformer manufacturing industry. The improvement has made a significant contribution and has won the market and reputation for each partner.
2.ZC-204 series transformer short-circuit impedance tester, ZC-210 insulating oil dielectric strength tester and ZC-221 dielectric loss tester developed in accordance with market demand have also been introduced and put into the market, which has won unanimous praise from users. Integrated Transformer Test Bed


1.The company has established a corporate entity in the incubator of Huazhong Science and Technology Industry Group from the former Huazhong University of Science and Technology Power Technology Research Institute and the key personnel of the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology for the transformation and promotion of scientific and technological achievements.
2.In the same year, the ZC-202 series transformer no-load tester, ZC-205 series DC resistance tester and ZC-102F transformer volt-ampere characteristic tester were successfully developed and put into the market to accept customer on-site inspection. Transformer Capacity and Load Tester

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