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Safety precautions for using CT\PT tester

:2022-06-29 15:07:05:

CTP-1000c tester is a new generation of CT and Pt testing instruments developed by our company. It adopts high-performance DSP and FPGA and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high automation and high testing efficiency. It is a professional testing instrument for transformer in the power industry.


CTP-1000c ctpt tester can be used in the following occasions:

1. Electric power research institutes conduct transformer calibration;

2. The transformer manufacturer shall conduct factory calibration;

3. Preventive test of power sector;

4. Handover test of engineering units and panel and cabinet enterprises.

When using ctp-1000c ctpt tester, pay attention to the following safety precautions to avoid personal injury and prevent damage to this product or any other products connected with it.

1. As a safety measure, the instrument is equipped with a protective grounding terminal. Before the test, the grounding terminal on the side of the device shall be reliably grounded.

2. Prevent falling: do not place the instrument on an unstable platform or desktop to prevent the instrument from falling and damaging.

3. Use appropriate power cord: 220VAC, 50/60hz, 10a and above power cord shall be used.

4. Ensure good heat dissipation: the fan and ventilation hole on the side of the instrument are set for ventilation and heat dissipation. Do not block them.

5. Prevent short circuit: do not let any foreign matters fall into the chassis to avoid short circuit.

6. Correctly connect and disconnect: do not connect or disconnect the test wire when the equipment is being tested.

7. Do not operate without the instrument cover plate: if the cover plate or panel has been removed, do not operate the product.

8. Use appropriate fuse: This equipment uses 12a fuse.

9. Avoid contact with exposed circuits and live metals: do not touch exposed contacts and parts when the product is powered.

10. Do not operate in case of any suspicious fault: if you suspect that the product is damaged, please ask the maintenance personnel of the company to check it. Do not continue to operate.

11. Operating environment: do not operate in humid or explosive environment.

12. This instrument is a precision electronic instrument. Please pay attention to the protection against the hot sun and other high-temperature environments when using it outdoors. Pay attention to the protection against the hot sun and ventilation to prevent the instrument from overheating or causing the measurement accuracy to decline.

13. Product transportation: during transportation, please lay a sponge or other buffer protection on the outside of the instrument to avoid vibration and turbulence damaging the instrument or reducing the accuracy of the instrument.


The above are some basic precautions for ctp-1000c ctpt tester. In addition, you need to read the product manual before using the product. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service, and we will answer them for you.

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