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Do you need the CT/PT Tester electrical Tester?

       ZC-120B  field test instrument for capacitive voltage transformer can measure the actual error of high voltage working condition under low voltage condition. A single device can meet the measurement of error of capacitive voltage transformer in the field. It can cover the measurement of all kinds of capacitive voltage transformers. In the design of the instrument, some new ideas and technologies are introduced, including different frequency power supply technology, general platform technology, voltage simulation load, internal high accuracy voltage transformer and self-boosting power supply. Users feel more convenient, fast and efficient when using the instrument.
       The ZC-120B has these features:

       1. The high speed DSP processor inside the field tester of capacitor voltage transformer USES FFT software to calculate the error, completely eliminating the influence of temperature, humidity, resistance and capacitance on the error;

       2. The capacitive voltage transformer field test instrument can achieve the ratio difference and Angle difference of CVT field test without the need of booster source, standard transformer and load box, and the test results fully meet the national transformer verification regulations;

       3. The field tester for capacitive voltage transformer has polarity, change ratio and wiring inspection functions;

       4. Temperature and humidity can be measured, so that users can know the working environment on site at any time;

       5. A single tester can measure the CVT error;

Kvtester-Capacitive voltage transformer field tester