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ZC-120A field calibrator for voltage transformer

         ZC-120A  voltage transformer field calibrator is developed by high-end testing technology, large-scale electronic circuit design and in accordance with the relevant national regulations. The voltage transformer tester solves the problem of high working intensity and tedious operation of on-site verification of voltage transformer, and the product has reliable performance and powerful function.

          It has the following characteristics:

          1. At the same time, it has the functions of measuring the error of voltage transformer with the low-height method and measuring the error of voltage transformer with the potential difference method, which is convenient for on-site verification of metering devices.

           2.There is no need for standard voltage transformer, booster, load box and voltage regulating control box. The verification of electromagnetic voltage transformer is realized by simple test wiring and operation, which greatly reduces the working intensity and improves the working efficiency and facilitates the on-site verification of transformers.

           3.There is a standard voltage transformer with the same transformer ratio as the voltage transformer under measurement. Its accuracy is at level 0.05, so that the transformer ratio and no-load error of the voltage transformer under measurement can be accurately measured. Then the error of the transformer is calculated by combining the results of impedance and admittance.

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