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New product PT excitation characteristic tester

       ZC-121A  PT excitation characteristic tester is also called transformer excitation characteristic tester and voltage transformer excitation characteristic tester. ZC-121A   PT excitation characteristic tester is mainly used for measuring the ex-factory excitation characteristic and no-load characteristic of PT voltage transformer.

       The PT excitation characteristic tester has the following characteristics:

       1. Automatic collection, measurement, display, storage and printing of all measurement parameters and excitation characteristic curves (voltage, current, power, frequency, equipment number, time, etc.).

       2. large range, can automatically and manually measure set point excitation data.

       3. Support up to 100 groups of preset test parameters. During the test, only the serial value of the capture point can be retrieved by inputting the number of preset test parameters, which greatly improves the test efficiency.

       4. the built-in large capacity memory, can store test data, and can be through the standard industrial communication interface (RS232) upload to the PC, the use of the company's random software to achieve data download, automatic generation and editing of typical test report, convenient for technical management and archiving.

       5. The perfect overvoltage and overflow voltage protection value is automatically adjusted according to the setting of test parameters, which is simple and can ensure the safety of test equipment.

Kvtester-PT Excitation Characteristic Tester