Capacitive voltage transformer field tester

Capacitive voltage transformer field tester

Type: ZC-120B
     The capacitive voltage transformer(CVT) field tester introduced some new ideas in design, using inter-frequency power technology, common platform technology, voltage simulation load, internal high-accuracy voltage transformer and self-boost power supply. It makes the user feel more convenient, fast and efficient when using the instrument. The instrument adopts WINCE system, humanized color touch screen operation, and the man-machine interface is intuitive and convenient.
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Product Features
    1. No need to boost the source, the standard transformer, the load box, can realize the field test voltage transformer ratio difference, the angle difference, the test result completely satisfies the national mutual inductor verification regulation.
    2. With polarity, ratio, connection check function; single testers can finish the measurement of voltage transformer error.
    3.  The CT Analyzer instrument adopts frequency conversion technology, digital processing, with strong anti-interference ability.
    4. The maximum voltage of the test process is not more than 4KV, and takes multiple protection measures to ensure personal and equipment safety and reliability.
    5. Instrument with a dual USB communication port, the instrument can be imported into the U disk internal data greatly facilitate the field data management.
    6. Automatic test data for the whole, and to determine whether the data is ultra poor, super bad data using anti black display, the data characteristics of the device is intuitive and clear.
Accuracy of error measurement 0.05%
Accuracy of partial pressure ratio measurement 0.5%
Accuracy of voltage division capacitance measurement 2%
Accuracy of DC resistance measurement 0~0.1Ω;3%
Internal standard voltage transformer 0.02class
Voltage range 0~100V (indicator error 0.5%)
Ratio difference: 0.001%~30% (100V)
Angle difference 0.00'~50' (100V)
Admittance 0.1mS~99.9mS
Error X=(2%*X+2%*Y 2 words)
Y=(2%*X+2%*Y 2 words)

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