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Function and technical characteristics of voltage transforme

       PTA-2000C  portable voltage transformer analyzer is also called voltage transformer analyzer and  voltage transformer tester   The voltage transformer analyzer is mainly used for testing the excitation characteristics, transformer ratio, polarity and secondary winding resistance of the voltage transformer.

       PTA-2000C  portable voltage transformer analyzer is a new-generation innovative PT testing instrument developed on the basis of the traditional comprehensive tester of transformer's volt-ampere characteristic variable-ratio polarity error analysis based on voltage regulator, voltage booster and series resonance, after widely listening to the opinions of users, a lot of market research and in-depth theoretical research.The device adopts high-performance DSP+FPGA, advanced ARM ipc and advanced manufacturing technology, which ensures stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high degree of automation, high test efficiency and is at the leading level in China. It is a professional testing instrument for transformer in the power industry.