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Functional and technical features of the ZC-310

       ZC-310  automatic SF6 density relay verifier is a kind of intelligent automatic SF6 density relay verifier. Automatic verification tester for SF6 density relay USES the single cycle instruction of microcomputer technology, the speed was 10 times higher than ordinary MCU, to a pointer type contact output and intelligent type SF6 density relay output current on-site check, using interrupt way of density relay real-time capture action, so the instrument is more accurate and timely. Automatic SF6 density relay calibrator is a portable calibration instrument for standard conversion of pressure at any ambient temperature of SF6 gas. It can also be used for automatic calibration of SF6 density meter and pressure gauge.

       Functions and features of ZC-310  automatic SF6 density relay calibrator:

       1.The relay calibrator adopts the module mixed single-period high-speed single-chip microcomputer as the core, which is rich in resources, powerful in functions and strong in data processing capacity. Because it integrates A/D, D/A, reference voltage and analog amplification into the single-chip microcomputer, the peripheral circuit is simple, stable and accurate.

       2.The automatic SF6 density relay verifier can check the pointer type and electronic density relay automatically.

       3. The initial state of the 1-3 groups of connection points of the density relay is in any form (normally open or normally closed), and the response value and recovery value of the 1-3 groups of connection points can be measured at the same time. Therefore, the instrument can adapt to the automatic calibration of all new and old forms of the density relay.