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Introduction of cta-1000 instrument

     CTA-1000  variable frequency transformer tester is a new-generation innovative   CT and PT testing  instrument developed on the basis of the traditional transformer volt-ampere characteristic tester based on voltage regulator, booster and current riser, after widely listening to the opinions of users, extensive market research and in-depth theoretical research. The device adopts high-performance DSP and FPGA and advanced manufacturing technology, which ensures stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high degree of automation, high test efficiency, and is in the leading level in China. It is a professional testing instrument for transformer in the power industry.

      CTA-1000  variable frequency transformer comprehensive tester is a multifunctional field test instrument specially designed for testing CT volt-ampere characteristic, error curve, variable ratio, polarity, demagnetization, secondary load, Angle difference, ratio difference, transient PT excitation, variable ratio, polarity, secondary load function and other parameters. Variable frequency transformer tester is based on advanced variable frequency method to  test CT/PT  volt-ampere characteristic curve and 10% (5%) error curve. It can output 180A current, which is convenient for field flow test. However, it can cope with CT test with turning point up to 60KV. Iec60044-6 standard (corresponding to national standard gb16847-1977) claims that the CT test  of the variable frequency transformer tester can be carried out at lower than the rated frequency to avoid the unacceptable voltage borne by the windings and secondary terminals.