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Power frequency series resonance boosting device(CVT)

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  • Product Introduction

ZCVL-C series resonant boosting device for CVT inspection is suitable for boosting of various voltage levels and types of CVT verification. The resonance boosting device for CVT inspection uses the principle of series resonance, adopts the technology of stepless manual inductance regulation and the way of series connection of power saving reactance, which makes the volume and weight of the required power supply and test equipment greatly reduced, and the wiring operation is simple and convenient for the field test, and it is the first choice device for the power measurement and high voltage test specialty.

  • Product Features
1. The waveform of output voltage and current is good, and the distortion is less than 0.5%;
2. The required capacity is small, the required power supply capacity is 1 / Q times of the test capacity, and the Q value can be 20 ~ 60;
3. There is no need for over-voltage protection. When the test object breaks down, the system is out of resonance and the resonance high voltage disappears. The reactor immediately limits the short-circuit current and will not aggravate the damage to the test object:
4. The device is a dry type combined series resonance device, which is composed of an excitation transformer and a plurality of resonance reactors;
5. The protection function is perfect, with zero position protection (when the voltage output control knob is not at zero position, it is forbidden to start the system), over-voltage protection, over-current protection, flashover protection and other functions, ensuring the reliability of the system.

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