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Variable Frequency Resonant Test System

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  • Product Introduction

       With the development of the power system, the capacity of operating equipment is becoming larger and larger. For example, the single unit capacity of thermal power generation set has exceeded 1000MW, and the maximum capacity of hydraulic power generation set has reached 800MW. For the ac power frequency withstand voltage test of these equipment, if use traditional test equipment, it is difficult to solve the large capacity test power supply in the field, which makes the filed test extremely inconvenient. ZCVF-C series Inductance modulated power frequency series resonant voltage withstand system has great advantages in terms of test power supply capacity, Equipment weight, test waveform and investment. ZCVF-C series Inductance modulated power frequency series resonant voltage withstand system is mainly designed for ac voltage withstand test of single unit hydraulic generator with a capacity of 250MW or less.

  • Product Parameters
Rated Output voltage     0~60kV(effective value of AC)and below
output frequency    50Hz
Resonant voltage waveform    Pure sine wave, waveform distortion rate≤1%
Working system     Full power continuous working time 1min
Quality factors     10~40
Maximum test capacity     3000kVA and below
Working power supply     380V±10%,50Hz±5Hz
Model Control desk(KW) Voltage regulator(kVA) Reactor(Dry type) Excitation variable(kVA) Voltage Divider(kV) Range of application
ZCVF-C-200/25 30 30(electric) 200kVA/25kV Adjustable one set 30(Dry type) 30 Hydraulic Generator 0.4~1.0μ;F(10kV/40MW)
ZCVF-C-300/50 60 60(electric) 300kVA/50kV Adjustable one set 60(oil-immersed) 50 Thermal Generator 0.27~0.33μF(20kV/300MW)
ZCVF-C-600/50 60 60(electric) 200kVA/50kV Adjustable one set 60(oil-immersed) 50 Thermal generator
400kVA/50kV Adjustable one set
ZCVF-C-1200/50 120 120(induction) 200kVA/50kV Fixed two sets 120(oil-immersed) 50 Hydraulic Generator 0.6~1.8μF(20kV/250MW)
800kVA/50kV Adjustable one set
ZCVF-C-2750/55 300 300(induction) 750kVA/55kV Fixed two sets 300(oil-immersed) 60 Hydraulic Generator 1.6~3.3μF(20kV/770MW)
1250kVA/55kV Adjustable one set
Note: According to the test sample object parameters, we can customize the solution.
Type generator parameters
Rated capacity(MW) Rated voltage(kV) Phase capacitor(μF)
Hydraulic generator 72.5~85 10.5 0.694
125~150   1.8~1.9
300 15.75 1.7~2.5
400 18.0 2~2.5
600   2.1~2.5
Thermal generator 12 6.3 0.1
25 6.3 0.19
30 6.3 0.2
30 6.3 0.2
50 10.5 0.209
50 10.5 0.26
60 10.5 0.25
100 13.8 0.234
300 15 0.29
320 20 0.3
600 20 0.368
30 6.3 0.1
60 6.3 0.234
60 10.5 0.33
125 13.8 0.08~0.12
200 15.75 0.19~0.21
200 15.75 0.1928~0.21
2300 18 0.16~0.20
300 18 0.18~0.20
600 20 0.234
352 23 0.268
200 15.75 0.107
500 20 0.25
320 20 0.31
800 24 0.25
600 20.0 0.2
600 22.0 0.253
Synchronous compensator 15 6.6 0.108
30 10.5 0.2

  • Product Features
      1.Due to resonant reactive power full compensation, the power of the power supply and equipment is only less than 1/10 of the required capacity of the test object(1/Q10), small size of the same capacity, light weight, large output capacity of the device and the required configuration of power supply capacity is small, cheap, convenient and safe operation.
      2.Series resonance is actually a current filter circuit, which makes the current passing through the test subject basically basic wave current, and the waveform distortion rate(THD) of output voltage is extremely small, which is better than all existing ac voltage withstand devices.
      3.The short-circuit current after the test sample flashover or breakdown is only less than 1/10 of the test current before short-circuit(1/Q), which can effectively prevent the damage to the fault point from expanding after breakdown.
      4.After flashover, it will automatically extinguish the arc immediately. After extinguishing the arc, it is a long process(seconds)to restore the resonant state voltage. It is a steady-state establishment process, which has no voltage overshoot and no danger of overvoltage recovery in microsecond and millisecond transient processes.
      5.The whole set equipment use advanced principle and advanced casting process. The whole system is dry structure, which use finishing drive mechanism to greatly reduce the noise of equipment operation.
      6.Excitation transformer is high and low voltage double output, with rectifier silicon reactor, and also can test the generator dc voltage test.
      7.Equipped with dry type columnar voltage regulator, good output waveform and good stability
      8.The inductance of the fixed reactor and the adjustable reactor is reasonably configured, with good resonance point and no resonance blind area for the test objects with different capacitance
      9.The operating system can not only adjust the voltage and inductance, but also monitor the power factor, side current of high voltage, test voltage of high voltage, output voltage of low voltage and the rise and fall value of air gap of the loop in real time, with overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

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