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Cable Resonance Test System

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  • Product Introduction

        ZCVF-B cable ac voltage withstand series resonant testing system is suitable for 10kv, 35kv cable ac voltage withstand test, variable frequency series resonant voltage withstand test is to use the inductance of the reactor and the capacitor of the test object to achieve capacitor resonance, in the test object to obtain high voltage and large current. The cable ac voltage withstand test system is mainly composed of variable frequency power supply(host), excitation transformer, resonant reactor and capacitor voltage divider. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. It is suitable for large capacity and high voltage capacitive test object acceptance testing and preventive testing.

  • Product Parameters
Output voltage 0~220kV(effective value of AC)and below
output frequency 30~300Hz
Resonant voltage waveform Pure sine wave, waveform distortion rate≤1%
Full load working time Continuous working time 60min
System quality factor Under maximum load≥20
Frequency regulate fineness 0.1Hz
Instability ≤0.01%
Working power supply Single phase 220V or three phase 380V±10%,power frequency 50Hz±5%
Model Control desk Reactor(dry type) Excitation transformer(dry type) Voltage Divider Range of application
ZCVF-B-44/22 2.5kW 1A/22kV two sets 2.5kVA/1kV 25kV 10kV cable1km
ZCVF-B-88/22 4kW 2A/22kV two sets 4kVA/1kV 25kV 10kV cable2km
    ZCVF-B-132/22        6kW          2A/22kV three sets 6kVA/1/3kV 60kV 10kV cable3km
35kV cable1km
    ZCVF-B-176/22        7.5kW        2A/22kV four sets 7.5kVA/1/3kV 60kV 10kV cable4km
35kV cable1km
ZCVF-B-264/22   10kW     2A/22kV six sets 10kVA/1/3kV 60kV 10kV cable6km
35kV cable2km
ZCVF-B-330/22   15kW 2.5A/22kV six sets 15kVA/1/3kV 100kV 10kV cable8km
35kV cable2km
ZCVF-B-640/32   25kW 2.5A/32kV eight sets 25kVA/1/3/5kV 200kV 10kV cable10km
35kV cable4km
110kV cable1km
Model   Control desk Reactor(oil-immersed) Excitation transformer(oil-immersed) Voltage Divider Range of application
ZCVF-B-1300/130 50kW 5A/130kV two sets 50kVA/3/5kV 150kV 35kV cable2km
110kV cable2km
ZCVF-B-2600/130 100kW 5A/130kV four sets 100kVA/3/5/10kV 220kV 35kV cable3km
110kV cable3km
220kV cable1.5km
ZCVF-B-3200/220 160kW 4A/220kV four sets 160kVA/5/10kV 160kV 110kV cable5km
220kV cable3km
ZCVF-B-6400/220 320kW 8A/220kV four sets 320kVA/5/10kV 320kV 110kV cable10km
220kV cable5km
500kV cable1km

  • Product Features
        1、Simple operation: three modes: automatic tuning(finding resonance point automatically),automatic test(finding resonance point automatically and voltage boosting automatically)and manual test(finding resonance point manually and voltage boosting manually)
        2、It can set the test voltage, frequency range, protection current and boosting time.
        3、automatic mode: only need to set the test voltage and time; system regulate frequency and voltage automatically; complete the test and save the data
        4、It has grounding and flashover protection functions.
        5、It can automatically track the change of power grid voltage and adjust the voltage in real time to keep the high voltage stable.
        6、Easy to operate: single phase 220v or three phase 380v input power supply is universal, convenient for on-site electricity.
        7、Reactors with the same voltage grade and capacity are smaller in size and lighter in weight. small temperature rise at rated load; dry epoxy casting, high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation, beautiful and reliable.
        8、Flexible configuration: the reactor can be used in series/parallel to meet the requirements of different test products, to achieve  multi-purpose and cost-effective.
        9、The large-screen touch LED LCD color screen and external mouse directly complete the setting of various parameters, and the test results can be saved, printed, uploaded and checked back.
        10.The ZCVF-B cable ac voltage withstand series resonant testing system is composed of variable frequency power supply, excitation transformer, reactor and capacitor voltage divider. The capacitance and the reactor of the tested product constitute a series resonant connection mode. The voltage divider is connected in parallel on the test object to measure the resonant voltage on the test object and make the over-voltage protection signal. The frequency modulation power output is coupled to the series resonance circuit by the excitation transformer, providing the excitation power of series resonance.
       11. ZCVF-B cable ac voltage withstand series resonant testing system adopts multi-stage superposition mode, multiple reactors can be used in parallel and series, the voltage divider is used to measure the test voltage, but also can be used as a small capacitance test of the compensation capacitance, so that the resonate frequency can be in the range of 30-300Hz to complete a variety of power equipment ac voltage withstand test. The basic principle of variable frequency series resonance is to generate ac test voltage by using adjustable(30-300Hz) series resonance test equipment and test object capacitor resonance.

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