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  • Product Introduction

ZCAR-702D 3 Phase Secondary Current Injection Relay Protection Test Device plays a key role in operating electricity power systems reliably and safely. It can automatically judge over-current, over-voltage, overload, short circuit, high temperature, abnormal data and warning prompts for misoperation.

  • Product Parameters
AC current output 
Phase current output (effective value)0~40A,   Output Precision  0.2 degree
3 phase parallel current output (effective value)0~120A
A Long-time Phase current 10A
Maximum output power of Phase current450VA
Maximum output power of 3 parallel current900VA
Maximum Permitted work time of 3 parallel current10S
Frequency range ( fundamental)0~1000Hz
Harmonic time0~20
DC current output
Current output 0~±10A / phase,  0~±30A / 3 parallel
Output Precision 0.5 degree
AC voltage output
Phase voltage output (effective value)0~120V   Output Precision   0.2 degree
Line voltage output (effective value) 0~240V
Phase voltage / Line phase output power 80VA / 100VA
Frequency range (fundamental)0~1000Hz
Harmonic time0~20
DC voltage output
Phase voltage output range 0~±160V     Output Precision  0.5 degree
Line voltage output range0~±320V
Phase voltage / Line phase output power70VA / 140VA
10 path digital input and 8 path digital output 
Time measuring range 0.1ms ~ 9999s ,accuracy of measurement <0.1ms

  • Product Features

1.Standard 4 phase voltage 3 phase current output, output accuracy 0.1 level

2.Convenient operation on a single machine

3.Dual operation mode, can be connected to the computer operation

4.New high-fidelity linear power amplifier

5.High performance host

6.Switching quantity contact is abundant

7.Powerful software

8.Backup self-test function

9.Special testing software for mainstream manufacturers’ protection devices

10.Perfect self-protection function

11.With independent dedicated DC power output

12.Light and small, highly integrated single machine and integrated structure

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