Partial Discharge Measruement Device
  • Product Introduction

The product, with portable structure and embedded signal receiving and data processing module, has multiple analysis modes and can conveniently measure the UHF signals and the ultrasonic signals generated by the partial discharge of the electric equipment. Compared with similar products, this product has convenient operation and strong function.Besides the embedded ultrasonic sensor, the host machine of the product is also configured with an external sensor interface for connecting UHF sensor, TEV sensor and external ultrasonic sensor thereto. The uniform interface is adopted for convenient and simple operation.This product widely used in theater testing of power systems, including insulation status testing of high-voltage switchgear, ring-network cabinets, voltage/current transformers, transformers (including dry-type transformers), GIS, overhead lines, cables, and other equipment.

  • Product Parameters
TEV measurementUHF measurement
Measurement range 0-60 dBmVDetection frequency band 300-2000MHz
Resolution 1dBMeasurement range 0-60 dBmV
Maximum pulse per cycle 1400Sensor frequency band 300-2000 MHz
Measurement frequency band 3~100MHz

AA measurement AE measurement
Measurement range - 6dBμV~68dBμV

measurement range 

- 6dBμV to 68dBμV
Resolution 1dBResolution 1dB
Accuracy ± 1dBAccuracy ± 1dB
Sensor center frequency 40 kHzFrequency range20~200 kHz
HFCT measurement
Sensor transmission impedance 5mV/mA
Detection frequency 1~30MHz
Sensitivity ≤ 50pC
Housing ABS
Display 4.0 inch RGB LCD screen
ConnectorUSB interface (also used as charger input)
stereo headphone jack
External ultrasonic sensor input
Earphone minimum 8 ohms
SD cardstandard configuration 16G~64G
Built-in battery3.7V/5000mAh lithium battery
Working timeabout 6 hours
ChargerAC 90-264V or DC 5V
Operating temperature- 20~50 ℃
Humidity20-85% Relative humidity
Volume and weight 210 * 100 * 35 (mm)      0.4KG (main machine)

  • Product Features

1、Configure different sensors to realize partial discharge detection of almost all electrical equipment;

2、The user-friendly human-computer interface facilitates data management for different devices, including tracking historical data trends, horizontal and vertical data analysis, and enables 360 ° comprehensive diagnosis of the device under test;

3、Built-in ultrasonic sensors and transient ground voltage (TEV) sensors can be externally connected to special sensors such as transformers, GIS, overhead lines, and cables;

4、The non-invasive detection method is adopted, which eliminates the need for power failure and additional high-voltage sources during the testing process, making it more convenient to use than traditional pulsed partial discharge detectors;

5、The test bandwidth ranges from 30 kHz to 2.0 GHz, suitable for various frequency band detection principles;

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