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Impulse voltage generators

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  • Product Introduction

       ZC-521 Series of impulse voltage generators are mainly used for the impulse voltage test including Lightning impulse voltage full wave, lightning impulse voltage intercept wave and operation impulse voltage wave of electric power equipment.A variety of waveform impulse voltage generator can produce standard lightning wave, operating wave, lightning truncation wave, oscillating lightning wave, oscillating operating wave, line insulator steep wave, synthetic insulator steep wave and transformer induction operating wave a total of eight kinds of impulse voltage waveform.The technical indicators of Kvtester products comply with the national standards and IEC standards,The main technical performance is in the leading position in China,reached the international advanced level of similar products.The equipment is mainly used for 10kv~1000kv power equipment.Impact tests are required for verification or inspection after design, manufacture and repair.Common power equipment including power transformers, power transformers, high-voltage switches, combination appliances, lightning arresters, power cables and accessories, bushing and insulators should be subjected to shock test

  • Product Parameters
Output Peak Value 100-10000kV
T1 Wave front time 1.2μS ±30%
T2 Wave tail time 50μS ±20%
Backward overshoot <20%
Voltage Polarity Positive/ Negative,(Manual Switch)
Waveform switch Automatic
Charge time 10s~999s,Arbitrary set
Instability of charging voltage Lower than 1%
External synchronous input 50Hz
trigger mode Manual or Automatic, it can be triggered at single time
Trigger error rate Less than 1%
Trigger Range 100% Rated charging voltage
Display 17inchTFTcolor screen
Measurement display accuracy Better than 3%
residual voltage of sample <5kV
Voltage Measuremen Adoptdamping impact the divider
oscilloscope TBS Series, Optional
Dielectric strength ≤500V RMS(COMMON end COMMON to ground reference PE)
Power supply AC220V±10%,50/60Hz,
AC220V±10%,50/60Hz, P-10-+40℃

Relative humidity 35%-85%RH(No condensation)
ground resistance Less or equal to 0.5Ω
Structure Open structure, control,Ontology separation, Connect with fiber optic
Controller 1.8M(Length)*1.2M(Height)*1M(Width)

  • Product Features
    1. The product consists of the following four parts (main insulation pillar structure, automatic control system and control software, measurement and dynamic measurement software, damping voltage divider).
    1-1. Main insulation pillar structure
    1-1-1. main charge and discharge capacity (optional according to user requirements)
Discharge action mechanism (ignition ball, discharge ball, automatic grounding bar)
    1-1-3. constant current high voltage charge
    1-1-4, multiplier rectifier
    1-1-5. Wavehead resistance and wavetail resistance (the resistance value is calculated according to customer's requirements)
    1-2. Automatic control system and control software
    1-3. Dynamic measurement software
    1-4. Damping voltage divider
    2, complete sets of equipment complete, complete voltage grade
    3, the impact voltage generator circuit inductance is small, and take the belt resistance filter measure, under the large capacity load can still produce standard shock wave, load capacity, high voltage utilization coefficient, wave adjustment convenient, simple operation good synchronization performance, reliable action.
    4. Constant current charging automatic control technology, with high degree of automation and strong anti-interference ability;Impact waveform digital measurement and analysis system and impact test data microcomputer on-line processing system are used.
    5 greatly improve the impact voltage test technology level and test efficiency.

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