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Impulse current generator

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  • Product Introduction

        Impulse current generator is mainly used to test the ability of power equipment to withstand impulse current stability. It is widely used in zinc oxide arrester valve plate and SPD (Surge Protector) for impulse current test. It can also be used in other research tests. Technical indicators meet the requirements of national standards and IEC standards, and the main technical performance is in the leading position in China, reaching the advanced level of similar products in the world.

  • Product Parameters
Rated voltage ≤±100kV 
rectangular impulse current 2000μs
steep impulse current 1/<20μS
 Amplitude of impulse current 4/10μS
Amplitude of Lightning Impulse Current 8/20μS
Amplitude of Operating Impulse Current 30/80μS

  • Product Features
    1. Small size, compact structure and convenient wave modulation
    2. High output current (4/10 u S waveform up to 200 kA)
    3. The device adopts the trigger mode driven by the lower ball cylinder, which has good synchronization performance and reliable action.
   4. Each main capacitor bushing is stringed with a large energy inductance-free energy-absorbing resistor to ensure the safety of the main capacitor.
   5. The integrated measurement and control system of constant current charging computer has high automation and anti-interference ability.

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