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Insulating Rod Gloves And Boots Tools Withstanding Voltage

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  • Product Introduction

         The insulating boots and the insulating gloves are prerequisite appliances for operation and maintenance of the electric power system. The testing methods and cycles for safety appliances including the insulating boots and the insulating gloves is stipulated in the Safety Code of Electric Power Industry (DL408). For the dielectric voltage withstand test for the insulating boots and the insulating gloves, the testing cycle is half year, no puncture is allowed during the teat, and meanwhile the leakage current of the insulating boots shall not be over the limit value. 
         Eight pieces of the appliances can be tested at the same time so as to improve the working efficiency. The patented high voltage interrupting technology is adopted for avoiding repetition of the tests. During the test, the punctured pieces can be separated from the high voltage system and the remaining pieces without puncture will be tested till finishing the test. 

  • Product Parameters
Rated output voltage 50 kV
Rated capacity 5 kVA 
Output voltage measuring range 50.0 kV(250V)
Voltage measuring tolerance <±(0.2%U+0.02%Umax), among which U is the displayed value and Umax is the upper limit value.
Input current measuring range 25.0A
Current measuring tolerance <±(0.2%I+0.02%Imax),among which I is the displayed value and Imax is the upper limit value.
Leakage current measuring range 25.0mA 
Leakage current measuring tolerance ±(0.5%I+2 counts), among which I is displayed.
Leakage current resolution ratio 0.1 mA 
Time limit of digital display 10~990 S



  • Product Features
       1.Eight pieces of the insulating boots or the insulating gloves ca be tested at the same time, while the leakage current can be tested separately.
       2.Using the large LCD screen, more information can be displayed. Eight channels of parameters including high voltage leakage current, testing voltage, testing current, recorded time can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
       3.The parameters such as the testing voltage and the primary current of the testing transformer can be measured.
       4.Using the patented technology for the infrared data communication, the operating console is wholly isolated from the high voltage system, so that the safety of the operators is ensured.
       5.The dielectric withstand voltage test is an automatic test. Once the test is started, the apparatus shall be switched on automatically, and then the voltage shall be raised to the preset voltage according to the speed required by the national standard. Once the preset voltage is reached, the apparatus shall start recording the time and the testing voltage shall be maintained. When the time is up, the voltage shall be decreased to zero and the power shall be switched off, in the meantime the leakage current of each tested piece shall be displayed and the testing result shall be saved automatically.
       6.The special earthing vessels are available for easy operation. 
       7.There is high voltage interrupting control for each channel of the tested piece. Once there is puncture in one of the channel, the tested piece of the channel shall be isolated from the high voltage while the proceeding of the test shall not be influenced.
       8.There is protective function for over voltage and over current.
       9.There is warning lamp alarming for high voltage danger.
       10.Sixty groups of testing data and result can be saved for referring at any time.
       11.There is function of the real time calendar and clock. 
       12. The testing data can be printed on site.  
       13. The patented technology for the multi-channel high voltage leakage test and the infrared data communication are adopted for the apparatus; hence the purpose of measuring the high voltage leakage current safely can be realized. Owing to the application of the technologies, the testing apparatus is wholly isolated from the high voltage system, so that not only the multi-channel high voltage leakage current can be measured precisely, but also the safety of the testing operators can be ensured. 

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