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Electronic multi frequency power generator

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  • Product Introduction

    Induction withstand voltage test of transformer and PT/CT transformer is an important test to ensure the quality of products meet the national standard. Transformer winding turns, layers, and between the phase and the phase of the longitudinal insulation induction voltage test is an important project in the transformer insulation test. Longitudinal insulation test needs to be carried out by frequency doubling power supply device, the test voltage is applied to carry out the pressure test.
    ZC-506 electronic multi frequency power generator is to meet the above requirements and design and manufacture, after the majority of users proof which has the advantages of simple operation, reliable performance, can better meet the requirements of the transformer, the transformer induction withstand voltage test need.

  • Product Parameters
Capacity     0~150kVA
Power frequency     50Hz
Input voltage     AC,three-phase,380V±10%
    Note: when single-phase 220V is used, the output capacity is halved.
Output voltage     0~500V Note: Using step-up transformer,the voltage more higher.
Output frequency     50Hz,100Hz,150Hz,200Hz
Waveform distortion rate     <3%

  • Product Features
    1. The device uses power electronic technology, the internal core part of it use the frequency converter.
    2. Parameter preset, protection setting, frequency selection, voltage regulation control, all adopt digital control technology.
    3. Built- in computer, 8 inch color LCD display, data storage can reach 3200 groups
    4. Touch operation mode, equipped with thermal printer to print Chinese characters.
    5. Can preset 50Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz frequency test (optional), touch voltage regulation (step can be real-time adjustment, 1V and 2V and 5V, 10V), the device of multi frequency test voltage output can be realized.
    6. External LC filters circuit, to ensure that the waveform distortion rate in the target range.
    7. The external band tapped compensation inductor to compensate the capacitive current of the tested equipment and to improve the load capacity of the device.
    8. It is small size, light weight, easy to carry and easy to high power.
    9. Not only produces three frequency multiplication, but also produces 1, 2, 3, 4 frequency multiplication test voltage output.
    10. Operation, wiring is simple, the requirements of the power capacity of the field test, and there is a great degree of reduction.

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