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Dielectric Boots And Gloves Withstand Voltage Hipot Tester

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  • Product Introduction

       This product is designed and manufactured by our company according to the test procedure of insulated boots (gloves) and in accordance with the opinions of users. The product adopts full-automatic rising (lowering) pressure to automatically read out the leakage current of each test item. The whole test process is completed automatically, and the test data is automatically printed, which effectively solves the irregular test method in the past, thus simplifying the test procedure. , improved test speed. More reliable identification of the leakage current of the insulated boots (gloves), power frequency withstand voltage and other parameters. It is the ideal equipment for insulating boots (gloves) to ensure the safety of test workers. Its main features: test 6 test items at the same time, and read the leakage current of each test item to accurately judge the unqualified test items; the test vehicle is equipped with casters at the bottom for easy movement, using a large white light display, under strong light Still clearly visible, with a one-click shuttle, easy to operate, with a good interactive experience.

  • Product Parameters
Working power AC220V 50Hz
The output voltage 0-30kV
Capacity 3kVA
Ambient temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Operating box volume 35*22*37cm
Operating box quality 12kg
Test vehicle volume 75*90*102cm
  • Product Features
     1.The equipment has over-current, over-voltage and breakdown protection.
     2. Automatic and quick: The high-precision stepping motor is used to control the voltage regulator's boosting process, and the pressure test is fully automatic according to the national standard test parameters. After the test starts, the instrument automatically closes to the boosting speed of the national standard to automatically boost, reaches the predetermined voltage and starts timing, and maintains the test voltage. It automatically depressurizes the timer until the preset time, and automatically powers off after zero, indicating that the test is over. Display the leakage current of each sample and display the test results
     3.intelligent security protection: with over current, over voltage protection. Accurate and fast protection, which can effectively ensure the safety of personnel and equipment
     4.Friendly man-machine interface: white light large screen 320*240 dot matrix Chinese character graphic interface, clear and beautiful writing; can be clearly visible under strong light, using high-performance rotating mouse, easy to operate, long life; comes with high-speed micro-printer , instant print test data

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