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Insulating Boots(Gloves)Withstand Voltage Test Equipment

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  • Product Introduction

    This equipment is designed according the insulating boots (gloves) tests requirement and customers suggestions. It full-automatically boosts (drops) voltage, reads the leakage current of each tested equipment, and prints the results automatically, which solved the problem of non-standard tests, simplified the testing process, and increased fast the testing speed.

  • Product Parameters
Working power supply AC 220V 50Hz
The output voltage 0 ~ 30kV (customizable 50, 100kV)
Nominal capacity 3kVA (customizable 5, 10kVA)
The environment temperature -10℃~+50℃
Operating box volume 350×220×370mm
weight 35kg

  • Product Features
    1. Instruments can be carried out the test for 8pcs insulated boots or insulated gloves at the same time, and measure the leakage current of each test product.
    2. The dry tesing is placing small ball inside of the insulated shoes, get rid of the traditional irrigation way which is not easy to dry .
    3. Measuring the leakage current is displayed on the high pressure side to ensure the accuracy of the measured current value.
    4. High and low voltage separate, which is greatly protect the personal safety.
    5. Each tested product has a breaking mechanism, any one breakdown or more than the value of the leakage current, the tested product will be automatically out of the test, and does not affect other tested products for testing.
    6. Insulating boot test has a special 304 metal grounding tray, insulated gloves test has a special container, easy to operate.

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