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Portable withstand voltage tester

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  • Product Introduction

ZC-504 portable withstand voltage tester is suitable for testing the safety withstand voltage and leakage current of various motors, electrical appliances, instruments and household appliances, as well as the strong current system. The instrument is easy to operate, safe and reliable, with good performance and convenient maintenance. It is test equipment required to meet the test requirements of GB4706.1 《General Requirements for the safety of household and similar electrical appliances》and GB9706.1 《 General Requirements for the safety of medical electric E-Gas》, GB4943, GB4793 and other national standards.

  • Product Features
1. The output voltage is regulated by the voltage regulator, which has the characteristics of high reliability and high durability;
2. LED digital tube with high brightness is used to display test time, voltage, current, and breakdown current and voltage value in real time;
3. Alarm current value can be preset continuously and arbitrarily;
4. The test time is displayed by three digit nixie tube;
5. It can display the leakage current value of the tested object during the test;
6. Time preset and display, test time countdown;
7. The output waveform is 50Hz sine wave.

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