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  • Product Introduction

    ZC-403 Vibration Swing On-line Monitor monitors the vibration and swing state of generator online, it also use non contact type electric eddy current sensor and contact (ultra low frequency vibration sensor to collect the pendulum, vibration signal, special industrial machinery have very strong anti-interference ability and stability.
    Equipped with dedicated server software and units in the implementation of monitoring information can be through the data acquisition server connected to the power plant ZCS network and information with real-time and remote monitoring personnel according to the permission information storage and analysis of operation.

  • Product Parameters
Working power supply/Consumption     AC 220V±5% Consumption <10W
Maximum number of channels     8 channel vibration swing+1 channel speed
Measurable vibration range     0~2.0 mm
Measurable speed range     0~3000 r/ZCn
Speed resolution     1 r/ZCn
Measured signal frequency     0.5~200 Hz
Maximum absolute error of vibration measurement     △8µm
Vibration minimum resolution     2µm

  • Product Features
    1. The non contact eddy current probe is used to measure the swing of the rotating machinery in the rotating state, and the contact type high stability vibration sensor with different lower limit operating frequency is adopted to measure the vibration of the unit.
    2. The clamping block is used for fixing the non contact eddy current probe, which effectively prevents the probe from loosening due to vibration, and the contact vibration sensor is adopted to avoid such problems.
    3. The instrument has the function of recording the wave, and the speed of the unit and the process value of the vibration swing are measured.
    4. The instrument is a real-time online monitor, real-time measurement of the unit's swing and vibration, improve the safe operation of the unit. Using RS485 communication with the PC, the intelligence is not only of fontal machine is also a substitute for vibration of the dial indicator runout measuring instrument, high measuring accuracy and easy to use. All of the modular connector improve the performance of the instrument, convenient maintenance and replacement .
    5. Has the function of setting the slope / amplitude, to facilitate the practical application, or to require a large range of measurement, or the need for high precision measurement.
    6. The alarm value, baud rate, communication address and the sensitivity sensor can be setted online.

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