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  • Product Introduction

    ZC-320 type leakage protector tester is mainly used to test the leakage action current, leakage current and leakage action time, testing current is divided into ten files for 0-500mA, the test range of time 0-799ms, 16 character type liquid crystal display screen.It is the best instrument for a variety of leakage protection device on-site or indoor testing, hand-held, small size, light weight, easy to carry.

  • Product Parameters
Rated voltage AC220V/380V
Test line voltage AC 250V below
Leakage current 15、30、50、75、100、150、200、250、300、500mA
Test leakage time range 0~799ms;
Leakage current accuracy 1
Motion time display accuracy 0.5
Environment temperature 0℃~40℃;
Environmental relative humidity <85%
Outline dimension 195×101×42mm

  • Product Features
    1. Hand held, compact, flexible, easy to operate;
    2. Single phase and three phase leakage protection device can be tested;
    3. Automatic detection of leakage current;
    4. Can directly test the leakage action time;
    5. LCD screen display, intuitive reading.

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