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  • Product Introduction

ZC-303 standby automatic switching (fast switching) device calibrator can simulate 10 circuit breakers, 3 transformers and 12 voltage transformers, the state of seven current transformers and their logical relationship with each other. It can simulate the primary wiring of substation and power supply system in various operation modes, intuitively display and provide the electrical signal and position signal of lines and switches in various operation modes to the automatic switching device, and simulate the abnormal conditions in various operation modes, such as line loss of power, main transformer failure, switch hand tripping / stealing tripping, etc; At the same time of fault simulation, it can automatically detect and record the action process of the automatic switching device and the recording work of relevant data, which provides the basis for the long-term operation and maintenance of the equipment.

  • Product Features
1. It can output up to 8 groups of three-phase voltage and 4 groups of single-phase voltage;
2. It can output up to three-phase current of three branches and single-phase current of four branches;
3. Simulate 3 voltage levels, 8 bus voltages, 6 branch currents and 10 circuit breakers for testing;
4. Open design test module of new type main wiring;
5. Digital control, preset program, arbitrary adjustment;
6. All results are saved automatically without power loss;
7. The interface intuitively displays the real-time display and change of switch status, voltage and current on various main wiring diagrams;
8. The description mode and initial state of each switch, voltage and current can be set freely and conveniently;
9. The connection mode of the tripping and closing contacts of each switch can be set freely and conveniently;
10. Conveniently set the voltage value of each incoming line and bus when there is voltage and no voltage, and the current value when there is current and no current
11. Intelligent identification of the state after the automatic switching action, color display of the main wiring diagram and voltage and current changes;
12. Preset a variety of typical main wiring types, and designed a variety of free combination of standby mode:
13. It can simulate a variety of accident causes and carry out automatic switching test under various conditions:
14. Record the accident cause, action content and action time after each action of automatic throw in;
15. It can test the automatic switching action when the incoming line recovers the power supply;
16. The test can be carried out in case of default of automatic switching or switching equipment refusing to operate or incorrect action:
17. It has 14 channels of input and 14 channels of output required for automatic switching test;
18. Adopt real-time, stable embedded system, and equipped with 6.4-inch LCD screen to display the working status in real time.

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