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  • Product Introduction

    ZC-302A Contact Resistance Testermeasures up to the latest power system standards--DL/T845.4-2004 designed for measuring loop resistance of Switching Control Tester using High-frequency switching power supply technology and digital circuit technology. Test current of the Tester is 50A, 100A,150A, 200A which is recommended in the national standards. The tester can measure the loop resistance at those values and display results in digital. It is high precision and good stability and can meet most power systems' requirements in onsite high-voltage switches maintenance and high-voltage switches factory loop resistance measurement. (It performances accurately and stably)

  • Product Parameters
Measuring range 0~2999.9µΩ
Resolution power 0~99.99; 0.01µΩ
100.0~2999.9; 0.1µΩ
Test current fixed output of DC50A, 100A
Measurement accuracy1%±0.5uF
Continuous working time 5s~599s       
Display mode 240×128 Chinese LCD
Communication mode RS232 serial port or USB (optional)
Working power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz
Power >500W 
Maximum storage record 200
Working environment temperature:-10℃~40℃; humidity:≤80%RH
Volume 313mm×270mm×235mm
Weight 7kg(No attachments)

  • Product Features
    1. The contact resistance tester is a high-current switching power supply: the latest technology is used to continuously output a large current for a long time, which overcomes the shortcomings of the pulse power supply transient current, and the fault can effectively switch the contact film and obtain good test results;
    2. High stability: under severe interference conditions, the last bit of LCD screen data can be stabilized in the range of ±1 word, reading, stability, good repeatability;      
    3. High precision: the dual high-speed 16 bit Σ-δ AD sampling, the digital signal processing technology, the highest resolution of 0.01µΩ, is currently the only contact resistance tester can reach 0.01 ohm resolution and very stable, performance more than the imported high current micro ohmmeter;
    4. Intelligent: the use of imported high-performance CPU, measuring system according to the size of the signal automatically switch range, to ensure the accuracy of the test of the product. The over temperature protection circuit can automatically stop the output current when the instrument exceeds the set temperature, so as to ensure the safe use of the instrument;
    5. High quality: the key parts are made of imported components, eliminated by the temperature compensation circuit clever design of the effective influence of environmental temperature on the measurement results, the use of military connectors to enhance the anti vibration performance;
    6. Powerful: current available in freedom of choice 100A and 50A, the test time can be set in the 5S ~ 599s arbitrary, overcomes the shortcomings of other similar instruments cannot set the measurement time or continuous work time is too short for defects, far more than the performance of other similar instruments;
    7. Friendly man-machine interface: through the rotation of the mouse input data, convenient and quick, you can set the instrument date, time, real-time preservation of measurement data, real-time print measurement results.
    8. A variety of communication methods: through the RS232 serial port (9 pins) or USB data lines and computer communications, the data will be uploaded to the computer for further analysis of the test personnel
    9. Easy to use: small size, light weight, easy to carry.
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