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  • Product Introduction

       The safety characteristics of DC protection devices are generally tested in national laboratories or test stations. The equipment covers a large area and requires special charging devices and high current load boxes. The operation is complicated and the current-action time characteristics cannot be accurately tested. . Therefore, after the DC system is put into operation, the on-site maintenance personnel cannot verify whether the safety characteristics of the DC protection device meet the requirements because they do not have the corresponding testing means and tools.
      According to the reality of the DC protection characteristics of DC protection appliances, the company has introduced a verification of the operating characteristics and differentials of DC protection appliances in order to improve the reliability of DC system operation and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the grid.

  • Product Parameters
Power input 220V±20%, frequency 50Hz
Test current range 0~1000A
Test current ripple factor less than 1%
The output current stability less than 1%
Time record range 0.1ms~1000s
Minimum time resolution 0.1Ms
Exterior size 230mm×450mm×500mm
Including aluminum alloy box 290mm×530mm×550mm
Packing aluminum alloy box
Does not require any protective measures, can be directly tested
  • Product Features
    1. The instrument can be used separately or linked to PC.
    2. 320*240 LCD screen, thermal printer, interactive keyboard operation, and intelligent operation system.
    3. Power electronics controlling technique has been adopted to output high current, which is high speed, high precision and continuous adjustability.
    4. Current range can be automatically switched by multiple high precision sensors.14 digit AD acquisition chip of high capacity.
    5. Automatic data storage. Be capable of saving 200 testing results, which will not lose in power failure.
    6. Optional for ampere-second characteristic test or through current characteristic test.
    7. When linking to PC, it is available to do following operations, such as controlling the instrument, data importing, data saving,  data graph generation.
    8. Protection functions for overheat, over-current and over voltage. Anti-interference capacity and good EMC(electromagnetic compatibility).

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