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  • Product Introduction

ZC-300E Circuit Breaker Analyzer is a special instrument which development and manufacture by our company for various high voltage switching action characteristic test, it can measure accurately the mechanical dynamic characteristic parameters of low oil,high oil,vacuum,SF6 and so on high voltage circuit breaker with various voltage classes.the instrument adopted large screen display,English hints man-machine conversation mode,English display results and print out, has advantages of intelligentize, multi-functional,accurate data,strong anti-interference,easy operation,small size,light weight,nice appearance.

  • Product Parameters

input voltage

220V±10%  50Hz±10% 

atmospheric pressure







range 20.00A



Output power

DC12270V digital adjustable/15A(instant work)





  • Product Features

1.Suitable for all model SF6 switch,GIS composite apparatus,vacuum switch,oil switch’s mechanical characteristic test.

2.Excellent anti-interference ability,even under condition of near the 500KV transformer substation bypass bus bar is charged,it can finish test easily and output accurate results.

3.Linear sensor,rotation sensor,easy installation.

4.The switch action one time,come out all data and corresponding waveform diagram of the switch mechanical characteristic test.

5.The host can store field test data,real-time clock inside the instrument,convenient for save test date and time.

6.Large screen,HP series,direct perspective,background light liquid crystal,all English display all data and diagram,electric adjustment of liquid crystal contrast,power off memory.

7.English menu operation,easy to use.the instrument has built-in printer,print out all data and diagram at any time.

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