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Micro moisture tester for insulating oil

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  • Product Introduction

Micro moisture meter is a new development of the determination of trace water analysis instrument, the instrument uses high resolution color touch LCD display, convenient man-machine conversation, intuitive and easy to operate.The instrument adopts the high performance ARM processor with large data storage capacity, running fast and stable performance and excellent anti - jamming performance, which has outstanding advantages of high detection speed and high precision. The instrument has the fault diagnosis function, the end of the test, display and print results. 

  • Product Parameters
Titration method

coulometric titration (coulometric analysis)


color LCD touch screen
Electrolytic current control0~400mA automatic control

Measurement range



0.1 µ g


(10 µ g to 1000 µ g) ± 3 µ g; Not more than 0.3% above 1000 µ g


micro thermal printer

Power supply voltage

220 ×(1±10%)V

Power frequency

50 ×(1±5%)Hz


< 40W

Operating ambient temperature

 5~40 ℃

Operating ambient humidity

 ≤ 85%

Overall dimension

320 ×235 × 150(mm)



  • Product Features

   1.The modified transformer oil tester has a large-screen liquid crystal display, an interactive interface, and various parameters with menu prompts;
   2.The modified transformer oil tester test date with various parameters, clock and other tips;
   3.differential detection, the system automatically corrects the deviation;
   4.mixing, testing, computer automatically print data;
   5.micrograms of water and ppm units, automatically converted;
   6.the introduction of imported XECOM US data processing chip, fast and accurate data processing;
   7.Instrument has potential is measured dynamic curve indicating function, makes the test more intuitive; instruments and data storage capacity up to store 500 data records; instrument has delay measuring function, is very effective in the testing of lower moisture content of specimen; instrument adopts the sliding touch control the stirring speed control; water content calculation formula contains calculated according to the volume and weight of the key parameters of various algorithms; testing process, such as the need to modify the formula for calculating the related parameters, can be modified in a timely manner and does not affect the measurement of moisture content, moisture content is in accordance with the revised parameters calculated to facilitate the users.

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