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Automatic Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Tester

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  • Product Introduction

        This transformer tester was designed on basis of GB-86《Oil-insulating testing》, the process and result displayed by LCD, built-in EEPROM , can save 100 groups test results, all work can finished by mouse, test results printed by micro printer. This equipment is easy to operate, with powerful functions, stable and reliable, with strong anti-jamming ability, without death halt during the test.

  • Product Parameters
Input voltage AC 220V
Output voltage AC 0~80kV
 Voltage boosting speed 2kV/s±10%
Accuracy degree 3
Number of times of continuous test 1~9
Stirring time 0~99 seconds 
Standing time 0~9 minutes 59 seconds
data storage Can store 100 groups data.
Voltage limit setting 20kV~70kV
Voltage withstands time 1~10 minutes
Temperature 5~40℃
Humidity ≤80%RH
Dimension 420mm×380mm×410mm
Weight 28kg

  • Product Features
    1. This transformer tester is controlled by an industrial single-chip microcomputer and uses a large-scale integrated circuit. It is a new type of I/O interface.
    2. Unique detection and anti interference technology, greatly improve the performance of the equipment.
    3.This transformer tester can store 99 sets of oil sample test data for later reading and printing.
    4. Anti interference ability, the import of liquid crystal screen display, under the strong light is still visible
    5. Booster sufficient capacity and ensure the stability and repeatability of the test.
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