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Transformer Ratio Tester

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  • Product Introduction

    According to the relevant provisions of the state and IEC, in power transformer production, in the process of user handover and maintenance test that the transformer test must be done, so it can be used for quality supervision of transformer, to prevent the transformer inter-turn short circuit, open circuit, connection error, voltage regulating switch internal fault or contact failure.
    We developed and produced this transformer tester ZC-203A automatic ratio tester, which can make the operation more convenient, complete functions, reliable data and greatly improve the test speed according to the requirements of the user's field use. Can meet the needs of various small and medium-sized transformer tests.

  • Product Parameters
Type ZC-203A
Function Transformer ratio, group, polarity test
Power supply Input voltage 185Vac~250Vac
Allowable input voltage 85Vac~264Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Allowable frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Input power 40VA
Connect Standard AC socket 60320
Measuring range Ratio test range 1~9999.9
Group test range 1~12
Test accuracy Test accuracy ratio 1~999.99:0.2%;1000~9999.9:0.5%
Environment condition Operating temperature 0℃~+40℃
Humidity Relative humidity:5%~95%,No dew
Size 400mm×290mm×170mm
Weight ≈7kg (Do not include attachments)

  • Product Features
    1. English menu prompts, easy to operate;
    2. The measurement range of ratio:1-9999.9;
    3. This transformer tester has powerful functions: it can realize both single-phase measurement and automatic testing of three-phase winding. You can choose any connection group.
    4. Fast measuring speed;
    5. Once the measurement is completed, automatic cut off the test power;
    6. Set data of transformer tester, automatic measurement results, previous data can be viewed;
    7. Test transformer on-load, only need once input ratio;
    8. Easy to carry, suitable for field operations.

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