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CVT On-site Calibration Device

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  • Product Introduction

ZC-120C CVT On-site calibration device is composed of power frequency series resonance booster device, transformer calibrator, standard voltage transformer and voltage load box .Power frequency series resonance booster adopts the principle of series resonance and the technology of electrodeless manual adjustment, which reduces the required power supply, the volume and weight of the test equipment by dozens of times, and conveniently meets the voltage boost needs of 35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV and 500kV voltage grade CVT calibration.

  • Product Parameters

1.Power frequency series resonance

Input power AC220(single phase)
Working frequency 50Hz
Environment condition Temperature:-5℃~+40℃
Relative humidity:﹤90%
Output voltage waveform  Distortion>0.5%
Rated input voltage 220V
Rated input current 22.7A/45.4A
Rated output current 0.5A/1A
Single reactor withstand voltage 40kV/60kV
Single reactor capacity 20kVA/40kVA/60kVA

2.Reactor section

Voltage level Number of reactor units Capacity of control box(kVA) Excitation variable capacity(kVA) Excitation variable voltage(kV) Device input voltage(kV)
110kV 2 5 5 6 80
220kV 5 5 5 10 160
330kV 6 10 10 15 240
500kV 8 10 10 20 320

  • Product Features
1.The output voltage and current waveform is good, and the distortion is less than 0.5%.
2.Without need overvoltage protection, when the test breakdown, the system detuning, resonant high voltage disappeared, the reactor immediately play the role of limiting the short-circuit current, will not aggravate the damage to the test.
3.The power frequency series resonant voltage booster is a dry combination series resonant device, which is composed of excitation transformer and several resonant reactors. The single component unit is small in volume, simple in connection and light in weight can convenient to move , which is especially suitable for on-site use.
4.The reactor used in this power frequency series resonant voltage booster device adopts the way of continuously adjustable air gap to conveniently adjust its inductance value in a wide range. In this way, during the voltage boost test, no capacitor can be equipped for the test products with an electric capacity greater than 3000pF, which greatly reduces the number of capacitors and makes the test very convenient.

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