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The specific application of substation identification instrument in the power industry

:2024-05-28 15:20:08:

The application of substation identification devices in the power industry is extensive and in-depth. The following is a detailed introduction to their specific applications:

1. Identification and management of station areas

① Accurate identification of substation area: The substation area recognition instrument adopts a bidirectional reconfirmation method combining pulse current signal and FSK power carrier signal to achieve high-precision identification of substation area. This method ensures the accuracy of recognition and avoids misjudgment in complex power networks.

② Fine management: The substation identification device provides real and accurate basic data for the electricity management department, supporting fine management of the substation. Real time monitoring and management of electricity consumption in the substation area can be achieved by identifying the phase and attributes of the electricity meters in the substation area.

2. Electric power inspection and monitoring

① Long distance testing: As there is no attenuation problem with the pulse current, the station area recognition instrument is suitable for long-distance testing. The effective identification distance can reach over 2.8 kilometers, meeting the inspection needs of large-scale power networks.

② Real time monitoring: The substation identification device can monitor the operating status of power lines in real time, including parameters such as current, voltage, and power. Once abnormal situations are detected, such as abnormal changes in parameters or interference signals such as harmonics, the station identification instrument will quickly issue an alarm to remind management personnel to handle them in a timely manner.

3. Data analysis and decision support

① Multi functional measurement: The substation identification instrument can not only identify the substation area, but also test the three-phase imbalance of transformers, measure parameters such as current, power, power factor, angle, and 2-31 harmonics. These rich measurement functions provide comprehensive data support for power management.

② Data storage and transmission: The station area recognition device is equipped with a large capacity flash memory, which can store up to 30000 user terminal data. At the same time, the substation identification device also supports data communication function, which can transmit measurement data to the control center of the power system for further analysis and processing.

4. Anti electricity theft investigation

① Concentrator data collection and analysis: The substation identification device is used in conjunction with the concentrator to compare the data collected from each branch with the total data, and to make a preliminary estimate of the range of branches suspected of electricity theft.

② Segmented anti electricity theft investigation: For complex substation areas or users in front of low-voltage meters, the substation identification device can use a segmented anti electricity theft investigation device for precise screening. This method can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of anti electricity theft work.

5. Summary

The application of substation identification equipment in the power industry covers multiple aspects, including substation identification and management, power inspection and monitoring, data analysis and decision support, and anti electricity theft investigation. The characteristics of high-precision recognition, long-distance testing, real-time monitoring, and multifunctional measurement make the substation identification instrument an indispensable and important tool in the power industry. Through the application of substation identification devices, power companies can achieve comprehensive monitoring and management of the power network, improving the safety and stability of the power system.

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