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Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of a station area recognition device

:2024-05-27 15:15:40:

The application of substation identification devices in the power industry is becoming increasingly widespread, and their advantages and disadvantages are worth exploring in depth.

1. Advantages:

① High accuracy: The station area recognition instrument adopts an advanced bidirectional reconfirmation method that combines pulse current signals and FSK power carrier signals to ensure the accuracy of recognition. In practical applications, the user recognition accuracy is as high as 100%, effectively avoiding misjudgments that are easily caused in common high voltage, common ground, and common cable trench situations.

② Long detection distance: As there is no attenuation problem with the pulse current, the station area recognition instrument is suitable for long-distance testing. According to data, its effective recognition distance can reach over 2.8 kilometers, meeting the management needs of a large number of stations.

③ Rich in functions: The substation identification instrument can not only achieve substation identification, but also test the three-phase imbalance of transformers, measure parameters such as current, power, power factor, angle, and 2-31 harmonics, providing comprehensive data support for power management.

④ Convenient operation: The station area recognition device adopts a large LCD display with Chinese character prompts, making it easy to read the phase and station area attributes of the tested electricity meter. At the same time, it has a built-in large capacity flash memory that can store up to 30000 user terminal data, making it convenient for subsequent data analysis and processing.

⑤ Strong anti-interference ability: The station identification instrument adopts low-frequency zero crossing carrier communication technology, which has low signal attenuation, long transmission distance, and is not sensitive to noise. It also has little impact on capacitors without compensation, ensuring stable operation in complex environments.

2. Disadvantages:

① Price factor: Despite the many advantages of the station area recognition instrument, its price is relatively high. There is a significant price difference between different brands and models of substation identification devices, which may increase the investment cost for power companies.

② Technical threshold: The substation identification device requires professional technical personnel to operate and maintain, and for power companies with lower technical levels, there may be a certain technical threshold.

③ Relying on manual operation: Although the substation identification device can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of power inspection, it still requires manual handheld slave machines to identify from door to door, which cannot fully achieve automated inspection. This to some extent limits the application scope and efficiency of the station area recognition instrument.

④ Security issue: When using the substation identification device for power inspection, it is necessary to use it in conjunction with current clamps or flexible coils, which poses certain safety hazards during operation and may pose a threat to operators and the equipment under test.

In summary, the substation identification device has significant advantages in the power industry, but there are also some shortcomings. When selecting and using substation identification devices, power companies need to comprehensively consider their advantages and disadvantages, and make reasonable decisions based on their own actual situation.

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