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What are the precautions for using a high current generator

:2023-06-08 09:18:53:

What are the precautions for using a high current generator:

1. The instrument must have a good grounding (very important);

2. Connect the power supply to connect the output end of the control console to the input end of the generator, and connect the instrument to the instrument. Turn on the air switch, and at this time, the current regulator waits for the current to rise;

3. Rotate the Pressure regulator clockwise evenly, pay attention to the output current indication on the console until the required high current;

4. During the test, if any abnormal phenomena are found, the air switch power should be immediately cut off, and the cause should be identified before conducting the test;

5. After the test, return the Pressure regulator to zero, press the air switch to cut off the power supply, cut off the working power supply, and remove the test wiring in the direction to ensure safety;

6. For newly installed and unused current transformers, use a 1500 megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between coils and between coils and ground before operation. Only when the resistance value is not less than 0.5 megohm can they be used;

7. Reliable grounding is required for the use of medium current transformers and operating consoles to ensure safety;

8. When using, the flow should be slowly and evenly raised, and excessive vibration should be avoided during transportation;

9. The contact surface between the Pressure regulator and the electric brush shall be kept clean, and 90% alcohol shall be dipped in cotton yarn to wipe clean as appropriate;

10. This equipment is designed for short time operation, so it is not allowed to work under Nameplate capacity for a long time, especially not allowed to run over rated current to prevent overheating;

11. This equipment should be stored indoors in a clean, ventilated, and dry environment;


The ZC-510 series high current generator is a current source used for inspection, which is a low-voltage high current power supply for thermal and dynamic stability tests of electrical appliances, such as temperature rise tests and tripping of air circuit breakers, contactors, and relays. It is a specialized equipment designed and manufactured for electrical equipment testing in the power sector and industrial and mining enterprises, suitable for current load testing and temperature rise testing of various switches, current transformers, and other electrical equipment.


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