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Differences between single-phase, three-phase, and six-phase relay protection testers

:2023-06-07 09:14:22:

The microcomputer relay protection tester is an important testing equipment that is often used by power workers to test the performance of power transformers and relays in their daily work. With the widespread use of microcomputer relay protection, the microcomputer relay protection tester has also been continuously developed, updated, and technologically advanced. The types of microcomputer relay protection testers on the market are currently divided into single-phase, three-phase, and six phase. So, what is the difference between single-phase, three-phase, and six phase microcomputer relay protection testers? Today, I will give you a brief analysis.


Single phase relay protection instrument, three-phase relay protection instrument, and six sequence relay protection instrument are all instruments used to test the relay protection ability of electrical components (such as switches, transformers, generators, etc.) in power systems. It has a wide range of applications, including in industries such as power, chemical, metallurgy, and petroleum.Single phase, three-phase, and six phase relay protection testers are mainly designed for the "phase" mentioned above. Single phase refers to the output of single-phase current and voltage, three-phase refers to the output of three-phase current and voltage, and six refers to the output of six phase current and voltage.

The single-phase relay protection tester is a basic model of relay protection tester, mainly used for testing equipment with low voltage level and accuracy requirements. Its application range is limited, but due to its low cost, low price, and certain application scenarios, electricians need to carefully consider.

The three-phase relay protection tester is currently a mainstream relay protection tester, which can output three-phase current and voltage, and can cover the current mainstream power transformers and relay protection testing. It has a wider application range and is not very expensive. It is currently a mainstream relay protection tester.

The six phase relay protection tester can output six phase current and voltage, and is capable of almost all transformer and relay testing work. It has high application value and has better accuracy among these three types of insurance. However, due to its high cost, it is very expensive and is generally used in units with higher accuracy and voltage levels.


In the process of physical selection, power workers need to make choices based on their own actual situation, and select appropriate relay protection testers based on their usual testing content and accuracy requirements.

The ZCAR-1600 microcomputer relay protection tester uses a high-performance industrial computer as the control microcomputer and directly runs the Window operating system. The entire process and results of the experiment are displayed on the LCD screen, which is clear, bright, intuitive and convenient. On the basis of referring to the "Technical Conditions for Microcomputer Relay Protection Test Devices" issued by the former Ministry of Electric Power, the tester carefully summarizes the development and production experience of previous generations of products, and adopts the latest modern digital technology, high-precision electronic devices, microcomputer systems, new lines, and new structures to develop. It can independently complete device testing in professional fields such as microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation, metering, and fault recording, and is widely used in scientific research, production, and electrical testing sites in industries such as power, petrochemical, metallurgical, railway, aviation, and military.


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