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Application method of dry test transformer

:2022-06-13 13:29:00:

Power workers often need to use dry-type test transformer in their actual work, so what is the correct use method of dry-type test transformer? Taking zc-501c series dry-type test transformer newly developed by Zhizhuo measurement and control as an example, this paper introduces the correct use method of dry-type test transformer.First, let's learn about the functional characteristics of zc-501c series dry-type test transformer.

Compared with oil immersed transformers of similar products, zc-501c series dry-type test transformers have the characteristics of light weight, small volume, beautiful appearance, stable performance, easy to use and carry. It uses advanced production equipment, adopts the new process of epoxy vacuum casting of coil winding and CD type iron core, improves the insulation strength and humidity resistance in quality, effectively weakens the magnetic leakage and greatly strengthens the impact ability of transformer to withstand the test short-circuit current. It is applicable to the insulation performance test of various electrical equipment and the high-voltage power supply in various voltage systems or devices of DC high-voltage and small current of electrical products in the power system and various power users. It is especially suitable for on-site operation. It is a new AC and DC dual-purpose high-voltage test transformer in China. In addition, compared with oil immersed test transformers with the same capacity and voltage, zc-501c series dry-type test transformers weaken magnetic leakage and improve insulation strength and moisture resistance. 

In general, zc-501c series dry-type test transformer has the following characteristics:

1. The dry-type test transformer has the advantages of small volume, light weight, compact structure, no oil leakage and maintenance free;

2. The wiring is simple and intuitive, easy to use;

3. Good insulation reliability and beautiful appearance;

4. This series of dry-type test transformers have overvoltage protection function.


After knowing the functional features of zc-501c series dry-type test transformer, let's learn how to use it! The following points are summarized for you:

(1) Before the test, the "" end of the shell of the high-voltage test transformer and the grounding end of the power control box shall be“”It must be well grounded, otherwise it will endanger the safety of personnel and equipment.

(2) Before operation, you must be familiar with the electrical principle and wiring diagram of high-voltage test transformer and power control box. If the DC withstand voltage and leakage test is to be carried out, the high-voltage or microammeter can be turned on the high-voltage end of the high-voltage test transformer first.

(3) After the preparation is completed and the circuit is checked, the main power switch can be closed. At this time, the red switch indicator light is also on. If it is not on, turn the voltage regulator handle anticlockwise to the zero position, and the indicator light on the red stop button is on, otherwise the start button refuses to close.

(4) Press the start button, and the green button indicator light will be on. At this time, rotate the regulator handle evenly and slowly at the speed of 1.5-2 kV per second clockwise, and the high voltage will rise gradually. Pay close attention to the indication of the voltmeter and the condition of the test object until the required test high voltage is reached.

(5) To test the withstand voltage test time of the product, pull out the required timing time of the timer and then press the timing and alarm switch, that is, test the withstand voltage of the product within the specified time, and then give an alarm. If the tested product is broken down, the overcurrent relay will trip automatically. At this time, the voltmeter value reading is the value of the product breakdown voltage.

(6) If it is necessary to protect the tested product from breakdown, the protective ball gap can be connected continuously at the high voltage side to adjust the discharge voltage of the protective ball to about 1.15 times of the test voltage.

(7) High voltage test diagram;


There are the following precautions when using

1. For the safety and correctness of insulation test products of high-voltage apparatus, in addition to being familiar with the product manual, it must be carried out in accordance with relevant national standards and plans; Gb/t16927-1996 high voltage test technology, dl/t596-1996 preventive test procedures for power equipment

2. In normal high-voltage electrical insulation, this series of products are not allowed to exceed the rated output voltage.

3. When using this series of products to form a cascade high-voltage test, pay special attention to checking the transformer body and insulation of level 2 and 3 The condition of the support, the correctness of the connecting wire, and the protective grounding and protective grounding of the whole system.

The above is the use method of zc-501c series dry-type test transformer. Do you understand it? If you don't understand anything, you can always contact our customer service.

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