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Frequency conversion series resonance withstand voltage test device

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  • Product Introduction

The ZCVF series frequency conversion series resonance withstand voltage test device uses the method of adjusting the frequency of the power supply to achieve resonance between the reactor and the capacitor under test, thereby obtaining high voltage and large current on the tested object. Due to its small power supply required, light weight and small volume of equipment, it has been widely praised and applied at home and abroad, and is a new method and trend of current high voltage testing.

  • Product Parameters
Work environment
Ambient temperature- 20 ℃ - 55 ℃
Relative humidity≤ 90% RH
Altitude≤ 3000m
Main technical parameters

Rated capacity

Rated voltage27kV; 54kV; 108kV
Rated current15A; 7.5A; 2.5A
Measurement accuracysystem RMS 1.5
Working frequency30-300Hz
Device output waveformsine wave
Quality factordevice Q ≥ 30 (f=45Hz)
Waveform distortion rateoutput voltage waveform distortion rate ≤ 1%
Input power supplysingle-phase 220 or three-phase 380V voltage, with a frequency of 50Hz
Working timecontinuous 60min allowed under rated load; Overvoltage 1.1 times for 1 minute
Temperature risetemperature rise ≤ 65K after continuous operation for 60min under rated load
Protection functionsovervoltage, overcurrent, zero start, system detuning (flashover) and other protection functions
Variable frequency power supply 4kW, 1 set
Rated output capacity22kW
Working power supply220/380 ± 10% V (single/three-phase), power frequency
Output voltage0 – 400V
Rated input current55A
Rated output current55A
 Voltage resolution0.01kV
Voltage measurement accuracy1.5%
Frequency adjustment range30 – 300Hz
Frequency regulation resolution≤ 0.1Hz
Frequency stability0.1%
Operating timecontinuous 60min at rated capacity
Temperature risecontinuous operation for 60min under rated capacity, maximum temperature of components ≤ 65K
Noise level≤ 50dB
Dimension (length, width, height, mm)540x380x420
Weight: about 25kg
Excitation transformer   22kVA/1.5/3/6kV/0.4kV 1 set
Rated capacity22kVA
Input voltage0-400V
Output voltage1.5/3/6kV
Structuredry type
Dimension (length, width, height, mm)520x520x460
Weightabout 130kg
High voltage reactor   67.5kVA/27kV, 6 sections
Rated capacity67.5kVA
Rated voltage27kV
Rated current2.5A
Inductance50H/single section
Quality factorQ ≥ 30 (f=45Hz)
Structuredry type

Dimension (inner diameter height mm)

∅ 382x460
Weightabout 90kg
Capacitive voltage divider   1000pF/110kV 1 set
Rated voltage110kV
High voltage capacity1000pF
Dielectric losstg σ≤ 0.5%
Partial pressure ratio1500:1
Measurement accuracyRMS 1.5
Dimension (inner diameter height mm)∅ 140x1000
Weightabout 8kg
Compensation capacitor 10000pF/80kV (with a 40kV tap) (1 set)
Rated voltage 80kV/40kV
High voltage capacity 10000/20000pF
Weightabout 10kg
Dimension (inner diameter height mm)∅ 140x1000

  • Product Features

1. The device has protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, zero start, and system detuning (flashover). The overvoltage and overcurrent protection value can be set according to user needs. When the test object flashover, the flashover protection action can be taken and the flashover voltage value can be recorded for test analysis.

2. The entire unit is light in weight and easy to use on site.

3. The device has three operating modes: fully automatic mode, manual mode, and automatic tuning manual boost mode; Convenient for users to flexibly select according to on-site conditions, improving the test speed.

4. It can store and print data in different places, and the stored data number is a number, which is convenient for users to identify and search.

5. When the device automatically sweeps the frequency, the frequency starting point can be arbitrarily set within the specified range, and the scanning direction can be selected upward or downward. At the same time, the LCD screen displays the scanning curve, facilitating the user to intuitively understand whether to find the resonance point.

6. Using DSP platform technology, it is possible to add or subtract functions and upgrade according to user needs, and the man-machine exchange interface is more user-friendly.

7. The required power capacity is greatly reduced. The series resonant power supply generates high voltage and large current through resonance between the resonant reactor and the capacitance of the tested object. In the entire system, the power supply only needs to provide the active power consumption part of the system, so the power required for the test is only 1/Q of the test capacity.

8. The weight and volume of the equipment have been greatly reduced. In series resonant devices, bulky high-power voltage regulating devices and ordinary high-power power frequency test transformers are omitted, and the resonant excitation power supply only needs 1/Q of the test capacity, greatly reducing the weight and volume of the system, which is generally 1/10-1/30 of that of ordinary test devices.

9. Effectively improve the output voltage waveform. The resonant power supply is a resonant filter circuit that can improve the waveform distortion of the output voltage, obtain a good sinusoidal waveform, and effectively prevent the accidental breakdown of the harmonic peak on the test object.

10. Prevent large short circuit currents from burning the fault point. In the series resonance state, when the insulation weakness of the test object is broken down, the circuit immediately becomes out of tune, and the circuit current rapidly decreases to 1/Q of the normal test current. When conducting a withstand voltage test using parallel resonance or a test transformer, the breakdown current immediately increases by dozens of times. Compared to the two, the short circuit current and the breakdown current differ by hundreds of times. Series resonance can effectively find insulation weaknesses without the worry of large short-circuit currents burning fault points.

11. No recovery overvoltage will occur. When the test object undergoes a breakdown, due to the loss of resonance conditions, the high voltage also immediately disappears, and the arc immediately extinguishes. The process of reestablishing the recovery voltage is very long, making it easy to disconnect the power supply before reaching the flashover voltage again. This voltage recovery process is an intermittent oscillation process of energy accumulation, which is long and does not have any recovery overvoltage.

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