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Circuit breaker analyzer features

        Kvtester Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and operation. The company is mainly engaged in high voltage test equipment, power measurement and test equipment and instrumentation. Its predecessor was Wuhan High Voltage Testing Equipment Factory, which was established in 1992 and was one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in high voltage testing. Our company has been testing and researching circuit breaker analyzers for more than ten years. What are the characteristics of our company's  circuit breaker analyzers?

Kvtester-Circuit Breaker Analyzer
      1. The circuit breaker analyzer can automatically identify the opening and closing state of the fracture and according to the corresponding fracture tip and surgical reference state.

      2.The tester can store 50 groups of test results.

      3.The circuit breaker analyzer uses a large LCD screen (320 * 240) LCD screen, advanced gray screen, no reflection or black sunlight, and an English character graphic menu.