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Circuit breaker analyzers these "small features"

        The circuit breaker analyzer is suitable for on-site testing of the high-voltage switch operating characteristics. It uses the single-chip microcomputer as the core for sampling, processing and output. It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor oil-less, multi-oil switches, vacuum switches, sulfur hexafluoride switches. Dynamic characteristics test.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer
        circuit breaker analyzers have these "small features":

        1.It is suitable for the mechanical properties test of all types of SF6 switches, GIS combination appliances, vacuum switches and oil switches produced at home and abroad.

        2.Linear linear sensor, rotary sensor, easy to install, simple

        3.English menu operation, easy to use. The instrument has a built-in printer to quickly print all data and maps at any time.

        4.Host large screen, wide temperature, backlight LCD, all Chinese display all data and map, LCD contrast electronic adjustment, power off memory.