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Ratio tester

         According to the IEC and relevant national regulations, the semi-finished and finished products in the transformer production process and the newly installed and repaired transformers must be tested for transformation ratio before being put into operation. In the preventive test procedure of the Ministry of Electric Power, it is required to periodically measure the ratio of the operating transformer. Through the transformer ratio test, the transformer winding turns ratio and the condition of the tap changer can be checked to determine whether the transformer has defects such as turn-to-turn short circuit, and whether it can be operated in parallel to ensure the safe use of the equipment.

Kvtester-Transformer Ratio Tester
     The ratio tester has the following characteristics:

     1.One-time input voltage ratio, automatic identification of tap position and standard ratio.

     2.The ratio tester is not constrained by the internal wiring of the transformer, and directly measures the voltage ratio and phase angle difference between the high and low voltage sides.

     3.Fast, the test time of a set of data is a few seconds.

     4.Automatically generate three-phase or two-phase standard power supplies with stable amplitude and constant phase.