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What are the characteristics of cable fault tester?

        The Intelligent Cable Fault Intelligent Tester is a comprehensive cable fault detection instrument. It can test the high-impedance flashover fault of the cable, high and low resistance grounding, short circuit and cable disconnection, poor contact and other faults. If equipped with a sound measuring legal point meter, the exact position of the fault point can be accurately determined. It is especially suitable for testing power cables and communication cables of various types and voltages. This instrument adopts a variety of fault detection methods, using the most advanced electronic technology achievements and devices, using computer technology and special electronic technology, combined with the long-term development of cable tester's successful experience to launch high-tech, intelligent, full-featured New product.

Kvtester-Cable Fault Detector
     The main features of this instrument are the following:

     1. Full-featured, test-safe, fast, and accurate. The instrument uses low-voltage pulse method and high-voltage flashover method to detect various faults of the cable, and directly test the flashover and high-resistance fault of the power cable without burning through. If equipped with a sound point meter, the position of the fault point can be accurately determined.

     2. High test accuracy. The instrument uses high-speed data sampling technology with a read resolution of 1m. High degree of intelligence. The test results are automatically displayed on the large-screen LCD screen in small size and data to judge the fault. It also has a menu display operation function, which does not require special training for the operator.

     3.with wave open and parameter storage, recall function. With non-volatile devices, waveforms and data are not lost after shutdown.