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Transformer testers these "small features"

       The  transformer tester developed by the company and widely used is a new generation transformer test instrument developed on the basis of multi-functional automatic comprehensive tester, which has extensively listened to user opinions, after extensive market research and in-depth theoretical research. . The instrument is small in size and light in weight, and has an integrated design for easy carrying and field work. As the instrument is widely used, it has become a real good assistant for the power auditors. The product performance is stable and reliable, the function is complete, the degree of automation is high, the test efficiency is high, and it is at the leading level in China. It is the professional test for the transformer industry in the power industry. instrument.

Kvtester-Transformer DC Resistance Tester
     Features and uses:

     1.The instrument is mainly used for capacity detection of distribution transformers. In the case of no external voltage and current transformers, the single unit can directly complete the capacity test of distribution transformers below 1000KVA under full voltage and full current conditions. The device uses a single-phase test power supply method and a three-phase test power supply method to measure the transformer capacity.

      2.The single-phase power test mode is especially useful when there is no power supply in the field. It is only necessary to bring a single-phase generator and the equipment to complete the test. In order to be more practical for the field, the equipment should minimize the capacity of the test power supply; the capacity of the transformer can be measured at 10% of the rated current of the transformer, that is, a small generator can complete the detection of the capacity of the large-capacity transformer. 

      3.The human-machine interface of the instrument adopts blue screen (240 * 128) Chinese-Chinese graphic display. The menu is strictly graded and guides you step by step. You only need to turn on the machine and press any key. The menu provided by the instrument will guide you through the process. The experiment required.