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This is a high and low pressure CT ratio tester that you do

       ZC-611  high and low pressure CT ratio tester is launched by the company based on the accumulation of years of experience in the production of intelligent instruments to meet the needs of users on the spot. It can measure the high voltage primary current and low voltage secondary current of the high voltage metering device of 35KV and below system without disassembling the wires and under the condition of constant electricity, and calculate the variable ratio and ratio error.

       It has the following characteristics:

       1.High and low voltage CT primary and secondary currents and electrorheological ratio are measured on site without power failure;

       2.The primary current signal is transmitted wirelessly to ensure the safety of operation;

       3.The primary clamp meter is connected with the high voltage insulation rod, which can easily measure the current at high altitude;

       4.The tester adopts 320*240 high-lattice true color liquid crystal, with a clear and intuitive interface;

       5.can measure CT ratio difference, Angle difference, convenient to check CT first, second phase, phase sequence;

Kvtester-HV CT Ratio Tester