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Transformer calibration device, do you know?

      ZCHG-12  transformer calibration device is also called transformer calibration platform and automatic transformer calibration device. Automatic transformer calibration device is mainly used for batch error calibration of CT, PT current transformer and voltage transformer. Transformer calibration device consists of transformer calibrator, voltage and current load box, electronic source control cabinet, 12 transformer test bench and other parts.

      It has the following product features:

      1. The device has three test modes: online automatic, single automatic and single manual;
      2. During the first upflow process (3-5 minutes), the measurement of 12 current transformers is completed, so as to realize the extreme speed verification function in the real sense;

      3, the use of programmable electronic source, fixed point quickly and accurately, to overcome the traditional electrical voltage regulator noise, mechanical wear and other shortcomings;

      4. During the test, the standard transformer's primary and secondary wiring and the voltage and current load box switch automatically, without manual shift;

      5. Test station position, standard transformer wiring, power factor and secondary load can be displayed synchronously.