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ZC-105C transformer secondary voltage drop and load tester

      The verification regulation of electric energy metering device and relevant technical regulations have provisions on the errors caused by the voltage drop in the secondary circuit of the voltage transformer, which must be measured accurately and quickly. ZC-105C transformer secondary voltage drop and load tester is developed to adapt to these characteristics.

      It has these product characteristics:
      1.Three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire and single-phase automatic measurement; With automatic range switching function to ensure the accuracy of testing;

      2.Electronic principle circuit combined with DSP technology makes the test stable and strong anti-interference ability;

      3.After the measurement is completed, various parameters related to load are automatically calculated for the convenience of customer analysis and test;

      4.Large LCD display of Chinese characters, all operations are prompted by Chinese menu; Data has power off storage and browsing function, and can transmit data online with computer;

      5. For the second load test, the clip-type ammeter is adopted to sample the current, and there is no need to disconnect the secondary circuit. Online measurement without power failure can be achieved. Automatic switching range: during the measurement process, the measurement accuracy and display digits can be guaranteed by switching to different positions according to different values of test objects.