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Working principle of multiple frequency withstand voltage de

       ZC-506  Electronic multi-frequency withstand voltage device is also called multi-frequency induction withstand voltage test device and multi-frequency withstand voltage test device. The longitudinal insulation induced voltage withstand test between turns, layers, sections and phases of transformer windings is an important item in transformer insulation test. The longitudinal insulation test needs to pass the frequency multiplication power supply device, to apply the test voltage, to carry on the withstand voltage test.

       ZC-506 Electronic multi-frequency withstand voltage device is designed and manufactured to meet the above requirements. It has been proved by users that it is simple in operation, reliable in performance and can better meet the requirements of transformer and mutual inductance withstand voltage test.

       Electronic multiple frequency withstand voltage device USES power electronics technology, the internal core part of the use of frequency regulator. Parameter presetting, protection setting, frequency selection, voltage regulation control, etc., all adopt digital control technology. Built-in computer, 8 inch color LCD display, data storage up to 3200 sets.

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